Matt and Arielle's Wedding Photos

It's a warm summer day in a beautiful place and there's two people standing in front of their family and friends making promises to love each other unconditionally for the rest of their lives. And I get to be there with a camera and document this incredible, life changing moment. How awesome is that?

I usually do video at weddings- but this summer I got to also photograph a wedding for Matt and Arielle, two amazing people I've gotten to know over this past year. They're both incredibly adventurous, creative, and just down to earth. Such a great combination of characteristics, and I seriously couldn't be happier that they found each other.

While I'm only featuring a handful of photos I took, I'd also like to point out that had some great help at this wedding from the extremely talented Deana Johnson- be sure to take a moment check out her photography here-  Throughout the day I was going back and forth between video and photo and I can honestly say that I would not have survived without her and her experience. I'm so glad she was able to help out and lead the photography at various times. Ultimately there were several hundred great photos from the day, but below is a small selection of my favorites. Enjoy!

Luke's Senior Pictures

matt and arielle engagement photos


Jaydon and Juan Wrestling Pictures

"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." - Dan Gable, Olympic champion

There really is no sport quite like wrestling. Out of all the sports I've done in my life, wrestling was easily the most mentally physically and emotionally demanding. To succeed you need mental toughness, incredible self discipline, and a competitive spirit that refuses to quit. You've got to be able to look your opponent in the eye and know that even though they want to win just as bad as you do- they won't. You're going to be stronger. You're going to be faster. You're going to be ready for whatever move they throw at you and you're going to outlast them. 

I love it. That's why when I was asked to take some photos for two senior wrestlers from my old high school, Jaydon and Juan, I was very excited for the chance. I wanted to have some fun with it while trying to create images with an epic vibe. It was a pretty quick shoot, but we had a blast. Jaydon and Juan were super chill to work with and the results were fantastic! Check out what we made in the gallery below.


Brotoshoot- Holiday Edition

It's a photoshoot with bros. A brotoshoot. We are a group of guys that grew up together and are blessed to still be friends even as we try our best to be adults sometimes. Some may look through these photos and have so many questions. But if you're asking questions you're thinking too hard. Why are my friends and I the way that we are? There is no answer, or at least no simple answer. 

A few Sundays ago, we all met up and headed over to goodwill. Did we have a plan? Of course not. We just bought random some stuff and went into the woods. Brice and I took most of the pictures, but I'm pretty sure everyone held the camera at some point and contributed. It was a true group effort and an afternoon well spent. 

The real inspiration behind brotoshoots is to have a good time and look good while doing it. That's what we've always done best, and that's what we hope to continue to do. In July we had an even larger brotoshoot complete with more bros, more costumes, and more locations. Those photos are set to be be released in the near future, along with a Bro-calendar for 2016. In the mean time, enjoy the magic of the 2015 Holiday Brotoshoot.