Holiday Brotoshoot

It's a photoshoot with bros. A brotoshoot. We are a group of guys that grew up together and are blessed to still be friends even as we try our best to be adults sometimes. Some may look through these photos and have so many questions. But if you're asking questions you're thinking too hard. Why are my friends and I the way that we are? There is no answer, or at least no simple answer. 

A few Sundays ago, we all met up and headed over to goodwill. Did we have a plan? Of course not. We just bought random some stuff and went into the woods with some cameras. Brice and I took most of the pictures, but I'm pretty sure everyone contributed at some point. It was a true group effort and an afternoon well spent. 

The real inspiration behind brotoshoots is to have a good time and look good while doing it. That's what we've always done best, and that's what we hope to continue to do. In July we had an even larger brotoshoot complete with more bros, more costumes, and more locations. Those photos are set to be be released in the near future, along with a Bro-calendar for 2016. In the mean time, enjoy the magic of the 2015 Holiday Brotoshoot.

Preferred Popcorn Grower's Video

Recently I had the opportunity to produce a video for a company that produces one of my all-time favorite snacks. Preferred Popcorn is headquartered in Central Nebraska and is one of the largest popcorn producers in the world. I grew up in a nearby town and actually worked in the plant during high school and some into college. Back then (yes, I'm old I apparently), the company was a little smaller and didn't have fancy machines to stack the thousands of 50 pound bags of popcorn onto pallets. That was my job. It was some tough labor, but I loved it! 

Last summer they called me up to see if I'd be interested in doing a new video for them that told more about who they are, not just how the company came to be but about how the owners and growers for the company are men of integrity who truly want to make the best popcorn in the world. 

I said yes, of course. If you are asked to go film in Central Nebraska in the middle of the summer- always say yes. It's a vast, unique and beautiful place. Producing this video took plenty of sweat and hard work, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with such a great company again!

Demo Reel 2013

I did a lot of work in 2013! When I was in the midst of project after project, week after week, it was hard to realize what I was accomplishing, or take the time to look back. That's why putting together this demo reel was a lot of fun! I got to go through my projects and find the best stuff, then throw it together a few minutes of awesomesauce. 

The best part was getting the opportunity to take a hard look at my work and critique myself. When you're finishing up a project and you've just spent 20-40 some hours staring at a screen, watching the same footage over and over start to get a little crazy. It's hard to truly take your pre-conceived notions out of the content and watch it from a totally neutral standpoint. But when you watch it again a few months down the road, it's a different story. I noticed things about the videos that I hadn't noticed before, both good and bad. I can use that information to grow and hopefully make even better content in 2014! 

It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it. Check it out!

Matt + NOEL (PHOTOs)

I've known Matt and Noel since they were about 14. We worked together at camp every summer I was at Maranatha, and it's been so fun to be a part of their lives and watch them grow up and fall in love.
This is a wedding that caught no one by surprise- we all saw it coming for years- and I had the joy of being their wedding photographer. I'm glad they hired me for the gig, but I'm even more happy I was able to be there to witness their wedding day. My respect for this couple is through the roof!

Check out a handful of my favorite photos from the day below!