Lincoln Berean School of the Arts

Lincoln Berean is starting a new ministry called School of the Arts, and I got asked to do a class about video production! I'm super excited for the opportunity. If you'd like to pay $120 to hang out with me for an hour a week for 6 weeks (killer deal bt-dubs), you can sign up online.

The sessions will take place at the youth complex at Lincoln Berean Church. The class is for ages 15 & up.  Over the course of the class we'll work together to make a video from start to finish. Hopefully when we're done you'll know something you didn't know before. And if not, don't worry, I'm bringing Krispy Kreme donuts for the last week so it will still be worth it.

There's a bunch of other classes as well. Click here to visit the School of the Arts website to find out more and sign up. 

Below is a quick promo video I put together. Check it out!