The Tables Have Turned

Recently I had the privilege of making a video just for fun with some friends called "The Tables Have Turned." 

I was an actor in the video in addition to being the director and editor. My friend Micah was co-director, and another friend, Matt, was the cinematographer and ran the camera for a good portion of the shots. Beth played the bride and Kelly played Iron Man. Making videos with my friends is always one of my favorite things to do. For them it's just a hobby, and for me it's a nice break from doing work professionally. 

Since we had no budget and we knew that there would be no profit made from this project, our main goal was to have fun while trying to reach new heights for what my friends and I have done in the past cinematically. It took more work than what we've put in before, but in the end I think it was worth it. 

The basic idea we had was that it would look cool to flip a table with a board game and put it in slow motion with dubstep music. Even though we knew that might look cool, we knew we needed a story-line around it. In the past when making videos for fun with friends, the challenge is just getting the right people together on the right day and making it if everyone felt like doing it. We'd usually have a script, but that was about as far as the pre-production went. This time was different. We spent a good amount of time planning out the story-line and story-boarding our shots.

All of the pre-production really helped make the shoot go a lot more smoothly. It allowed everyone to be on the same page and made it easier to overcome problems when they came up because we all understood the vision. I know this is all no-brainer stuff to people who are in the industry, but it's a different game when not everyone at the shoot does this for a day job and the end goal is just to have fun. So props to my friends for being willing to take the time to make this video as awesome as it could be. It was worth it!

The shoot got pushed back a few months, but that ended up being a good thing because it gave us more time to plan and our location greened up and looked really nice the day we filmed. As nice as it would have been to have a camera that could shoot 2000fps, with our non-existent budget we had to work with the equipment we collectively had. We used a Canon 60d and T3i and filmed the whole thing in 60fps. In post I took the footage and used Twixtor to slow down the table flips and then converted everything to 24fps using Andrew Kramer's fps converter

Everyone that worked on this project did a great job, and everyone did a fabulous job in their particular role. This is definitely the most "specialized" we've been while making a video, and my directing skills definitely took a step forward with someone operating the camera that I could trust. I also improved on the post production side, going much further with the color grade than I've ever gone before, as well as more efficient workflows for the next time I do a project like this.

We all loved how it turned out. I can't wait for the next "just for fun" project with my friends!